About Us

Il Fogliano was born 40 years ago from the great passion of our father Roberto for everything in the world of food. In the eighties, he fell in love with the place that is still the headquarters of our business today, an old mill in Vianino, in the valley of Val Ceno, Province of Parma, and, therefore, at the centre of an area popularly known as the “Italian Food Valley”.

Over time, our company has followed the traditions of the most authentic local gastronomy, adopting its characteristic strength of “dedicating the right time” to its products, in order to allow them to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Il Fogliano enhances the simplicity of food, following all the indications of tradition, “as it was once done”, with ad hoc seasonings in tune with curing cellar environments and the surrounding unspoilt nature. With its protagonists, its offerings and its logo, Il Fogliano has always evoked that idea of familiarity, tradition and harmony that makes our products unique, with an authentic “Made in Italy” flavour.

Ours are simple and genuine products, which conjure up all the aromas and flavours of cold meats and cheeses of the past, of that time in which the seasons, special curing cellars and the right ageing techniques, combined with great patience and skill, produced the local specialities we are famous for.